For a long ass time Spencer096 and I have been huge addicts to the Tiger Woods video game from EA. Well, it was about the 2005 or so version, and I just purchased it for PS2 at the time. We were looking through the new couses and players when Spencer096 says “who is this steve bell-ester-ooos guy, he’s fucking awesome”. And on that day the legend of Steve Bell-Ester-ooos was born.

Yesterday Seve underwent a 12 hour operation to remove a brain tumor. He is 51 years old. He fained a few days before and the tumor was discovered. Seve was known for always being able to get up and down and save par or birdie from anywhere. There was the time when he got a birdie after hitting his second shot out of the parking lot during a british open which he ended up winning. We can only hope Seve makes a full recovery.