John Daly was hammered drunk at hooters again, only this time he just happened to pass out in the middle of the floor at the Winston-Salem, NC franchise.

In the latest chapter of Daly’s longtime struggle with alcohol abuse, he was held overnight in a North Carolina jail after passing out at a Hooters restaurant, according to a statement released by Winston-Salem police on Wednesday.

Personally, I love JD. He’s just an entertaining guy to watch play golf, when you know, he actually plays golf. Take the shirtless/shoeless interview he did. I mean honestly, how can you not say that’s funny. He crushes the ball and drinks beer. What’s not to like? Recently at a Pro Am we saw a great example of these two favorite hobbies combined in one. He hit a ball off of one of Kid Rock’s empty beer cans. That’s just some good old fashioned fun right there.

But seriously though, it’s time for a reality check JD. Get yourself some help and get your life back in gear so you can just continue to have fun, but not at the expense of your image and the game of golf. After all it is golf that got you to where you are now, so lets not piss it all away. I would kill to hit the ball as far as you do, but you now act like the game of golf no longer matters and the only thing that does is getting black out drunk. If that’s the case, then that’s the case, but this is getting a little out of hand. If you don’t your legacy will have nothing to do with any of your accomplishments(1991: Winner at the PGA Championship, 1993: T3 at the Masters, 1995: Winner at The Open Championship) and everything to do with your demise (see pic above), then so be it, but I for one would like to see you return to being an actual competitive golfer.

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