sherwood-1Each week, we’re going to take a look at the track for the upcoming tournament. Course design rocks, and it’s important to get a little background on the setting for the weekend. Obviously some courses are going to get more attention than others, but we’ll try our best to get you as much as we can. But seriously, Augusta and Bethpage are getting the royal treatment…you know this, MAN.

Host of the Tiger Woods hosted event, the Chevron World Challenge, Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California is a par 72, Jack Nicklaus design that plays to just over 7,000 yards. It’s a classic Nicklaus design with holes that are set up for a fade and have fairways with a left to right slope, and like all Bear courses, are meticulously conditioned with dramatic scenery.

It’s one of the premier country clubs in the state, hell, probably even the county, and has an A-list membership with Jack Nicholson tearing apart a Jack Nicklaus design. Yea, that was supposed to be a joke, and if you don’t laugh, I’ll cry myself to sleep. Ok, probably not, but seriously, there’s no need for you to be a dick about it.

sherwood-18Pardon me if I sound like an asshole here, but is anyone else finding the Golden Bear’s course design just a hair repetitive? We all know you love Augusta National, what with the six Green Jackets you have in your closet, but does every course have to be a geographical transplant? Valhalla, Muirfield, Sherwood…they all just seem…how do you say it…typical per Jack?

That’s not to say they’re not fantastic courses, please, that’s not my intention at all, Muirfield especially is phenomenal design, it’s just…moving on before I completely embarrass myself.

The signature hole here is the 18th, a hole that Jack describes as his finest work. You hitting a blind tee shot to a fairway that’s just demanding a fade with a mid-length approach shot to a green with two tiers. There’s water on both sides with a cascading waterfall and stream as well as in the front, and with the green sloping from back to front, you can’t miss short or you’re wet, and you face a hellish shot if you’re long.

If you’re playing safe, the miss is left to a greenside bunker if you slightly pull a shot going for the center of the green. The key word here is “slightly” because if you screw the pooch, you’re looking at a high number, something you’d probably like to avoid if you’re in the hunt on Sunday and you…you know…DON’T HAVE ANY MORE HOLES TO PLAY.


This is a gorgeous course and we’re should have some good weather to take us away from this BS frozen tundra for at least half an afternoon, and with the all-star lineup, you know it’s going to be awesome. This isn’t an especially easy course, but the conditions and the caliber of player should yield some pretty spectacular highlights, and come on, you know you’re going to watch because this is the best golf we’re getting until the Benz in January.

Sad I know.

So…hopefully you learned something. That’s all I got.