Congratulations to Padraig Harrington who, two days ago, was named the 2008 PGA Tour Player of the Year. Was he the best choice? Absolutely. Paddy became only the fourth player since the inception of the Player of the Year Award in 1990 to win both the British Open and the PGA Championship. He is also the first European player to win the award.

The other players who were up for the award were Eldrick Tiger Woods, Vigay Singh, Camillo Villegas, and Kenny Perry. Were any of these players deserving of this award? Yes. But were their years that much better than Harrington’s? No. Every one of those guys had themselves a great year, there is no denying that, but not one of those golfers won 2 majors this year, and that’s the trump card. If you can go out and win multiple majors in a season, then you deserve the title of top dog. Period.

I understand the argument that Mr. Woods won four times in his six appearances, earned $5.7 million onions, and won the US Open in historic fashion. Sure that’s a sexy pick, but this is Player of the Year, not “Player of the First Quarter of the Season Award” and I think that you need to play more than half the year to qualied. And, by that logic, Tiger is out.

Now the other side of the argument is the fact that Paddy missed the cut just about as often as he made it, which is valid. That argument is quite similar to my thoughts on having to play the majority of the year to win the POY, I’ll give you that. It’s pretty similar to CC Sabathia argument of him possibly winning the NL Cy Young after only playing half of a season in the after he was traded from Cleveland to Milwaukee last year. Call me boring or simple or whatever, but I just can’t seem to get over the 2 majors thing with an entire year’s offering.

I think one thing needs to be said about this award: Tiger cannot win just because he’s Tiger. If Tiger simply shows up to tourneys he’s going to finish well, and you will never hear me say that he had a bad year in 2008 or was not deserving of any recognition for having such early success. All Tiger needs to do is show up and play say 10 tourneys a year and you’ll always be able to say he had a year better than the rest, that’s just the way it is. He’s always the headline of the top fields, and Tiger needs to do something amazing for me to give him the title of top dog, fair or not.

I think that Tiger Woods is a great golfer. The best golfer. Ever. He’s incredible, but you can’t assume that just because it’s Tiger that he would have played that way the entire year. To quote Coach Mike Singletary “Can’t do it”. If you feel that Tiger should have won the POY, then you think 1/4 of Tiger is better than every other golfer out there. I think you need at least 9/10 of Tiger to do that the entire year. I just really think that over values Tiger and under values the field.

And personally, I would have given it to Sir Crunchels, the Spicy Fijian, Vigay Singh. Someone call an ambulance, dude was having a stroke at the end of the year.

Congrats to the other award winners…Andres Romero voted Rookie of the Year, Dudley Hart voted Comeback Player of the Year, Bernhard Langer voted Champions Tour Player of the Year, and Brendan de Jonge voted the Nationwide Tour Award.