Everything you missed from today’s second round at the Chevron World Challenge.

  • Shout out to Kenny Perry…way to make me look good so far. Awesome, dude.
  • These greens are pretty ridiculous, huge and undulating and if you’re more than 15 feet away it’s not going to be easy to say the least. There are a bunch of dips and shelves and with the balls spinning like crazy, the breaks are intense. The course was still pretty soft overall and the greens were rolling faster, but it still had it’s wet spots, and the bunkers were no help as they were wet themselves, leaving tough bunker shots to extreme sloped greens.
  • Freddy Couples played a pretty good round at -3, 69, but on 18 he hit one of the worst shanks I’ve seen since I stepped off of the course in late October. I mean this thing gave new meaning to the word “slice”. All he had to do was put it above the hole, straight on, from less that 150, and he blocks it a good 20 yards right. I love big FCand love seeing vintage FC highlights from back in the day. His swing is just so pretty, like Ray Allen’s jump shot.
  • After making eagle on the par five, 5th, Boo Weekley was pretty shaky at best, though his 3W into the green on said par five, 5th was the shot of the day. For those of you who ever may come back to read this, Boo is my favorite golfer.¬† He wasn’t striking the ball too strong throughout this second round, which he started at T2 on the leaderboard. He shot a -2, 70 on day one, he then rattles a +1, 73. (For the math wizards, that’s a T7, -1)
  • Camillo Villegas squeezed out a +2, 74 in the first and comes back with a -5, 67. He’s been playing some pretty solid golf lately and he is currently sitting at T2, -3 at day’s end. If he keeps this up then he’s going to be shootin’ darts come early next year, Shooter McGavin style.
  • Furyk’s first round-4, 68 put him in good position to really make some noise and his response? -1, 71 and is currently sitting pretty at the top of the leaderboard.

Hey Kenny, the comeback starts now. The comeback starts now.