Our wonderful friend John Daly has been suspended by the PGA Tour for 6 months following his poor behavior on and off the course. As you may have heard previously, John was involved in a little drunken tirade at the upstanding establishedment Hooters, where he got so drunk he the cops were called and he spent a night to remember in jail sobering up.

On top of the drunken nights at Hooters, Mr. Daly recently got a little upset and confronted a fan he was not very happy with  and took their camera and smashed it up against a nearby tree. One could rightly assume this was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. There is no excuse for a professional athlete to act this way toward a fI wish I could win 2 majors looking like thatan who paid to see him and other golfers in a professional atmosphere. Professional athletes, a term I would use loosely with John Daly, have to be able to act with some composure while in their given field of play.  While I have to admit I found the camera incident pretty damn funny, it’s just not something people should have to worry about when they enter a stadium or golf course.

Nevertheless, JD is out for 6 months. Since he is unable to play in the United States, he is going to spend the next 6 months playing in the European Tour and their wonderful Race to Dubai. God that is such a damn cool city… Anyways while he is over in the Middle East in one of the most amazing looking cities ever, over here in `Merica we’ll unfortunately not see any JD. (I’m sorry but I am quite obsessed with Dubai if you can’t tell, so if the subject comes up again I’ll probably start drooling all over the keyboard while I write) Best of luck to John Daly on the Euro Tour…can’t say I’ll miss him horribly but it’s always fun to see what he’ll do next.