Swing and a miss...

Swing and a miss...

What would you do if you were on the wrong end of the first US Ryder Cup victory in 9 years and lost every match you played in? Well, if you are Sergio Garcia, the best thing to do is bring it up again a couple of months later and blame the conditions…of the locker room! The fun didn’t stop there. Sergio also blamed Nick Faldo, the opening ceremonies, and his relationship with the reigning POY, Padraig Harrington.

After being viewed as one of the more feared golfers on the Euro Ryder Cup team, Sergio Garcia showed some of his true colors recently. Apparently still upset about getting benched by Nick Faldo and getting his butt kicked last September at Valhalla, he essentially blamed the loss on everything excet himself.

“The US team played their cards well. They knew where the pins were going to be and the tees and we didn’t. The locker-room we had was really, really small and uncomfortable. I wish it had been even half the size of theirs. We had two showers, one next to a toilet.”

Oh wait, there’s more…

“At the opening ceremony they played my anthem twice, once when the Spanish flag was raised and once when the Swedish flag was raised.”

Boo-hoo Sergio. It’s called a home-field advantage. I am sure that the Americans are very sorry for not letting you sleep in the master bedroom during your weekend visit. He is an exceptional golfer but it’s the crap like this that makes me smile when he blows the lead on a major Sunday.

Garcia also had a ringing endorsement of Captain Faldo saying that his speech at the opening ceremony was “too long” and that that Euro team needed to have more than one captain…

 “The defeat was not Faldo’s fault. Nick Faldo was not the best captain we have ever had, but I don’t think he was the worst.”

Thanks, I think.

And finally, when the going gets tough, turn on your teammates. Said regarding Padraig Harrington:

“He is not my best friend,” he said. “It’d probably not be good for us to be paired together.”

I can’t wait to see what and who Sergio blames for his next defeat.