It is no secret. Just as Spence is a huge fan of AK’s game and Sergio’s looks, I am a fan of everything TW…even his caddy (and his wife. Tiger’s not Stevie’s).

I know that he already gets a lot an un-godly amount of attention from every media outlet…if he’s playing or not. Whether you like it or not, one of the biggest stories of the 2009 Tour is Tiger’s return. He has become the golf version of the Yankees and Duke basketball (also a fan- hate the Yankees though). Everyone is anticipating his return. The haters are hoping that he falls flat on his face. The others are anxioulsy awaiting his return to the top. Personally I think it is scary to think that he could return better and stronger than ever. He could be “video game” good. For what is worth, I shot a 47 on TW 2008 for the PSP.

Even at 2 years old, Tiger was better than half of the field and would’ve finished under par at Kapalua. Of course, that means he would’ve had to win a tourny at age 1.