Every week we’re going to do a power rankings of the top 17 players worldwide at the moment.  Why 17?  Because it’s my party and I can cry if I want to.  Also, we’ll just be naming it after the PGA Tour stop that week, but will be including international players, so don’t worry, we’re not oblivious to to the linksy goodness across the pond.

Yay!  Lists!

As the season progresses, you’ll notice some early fluctuation due to the lack of tournaments to base things off of, but they will become more static, probably around The Players or so.  While we’re going to try and keep these things based on this year’s results only, there are a few guys who have the requisite resumes that buy them the benefit of the doubt and some others with such great potential that it’d be a shame to leave them off.

After the jump, our rankings, and feel free to leave your thoughts below.

1. Tiger Woods: He’s here for a reason, but if my prediction of No. 2 winning two majors comes true, then he won’t be.

2. Sergio Garcia: Not the most spectacular start, but despite his putting completely deserting him, he still managed to put himself in contention.  Plus, his putting will come around enough as he plays more.

3. Kenny Perry: This dude is on a serious roll.  Dare I say it…he’s a threat to win every tourney he enters?

4. Henrik Stenson: Best desert course player ever?  I’m saying yes…only because I hate Johnny Miller.

5. Rory McIlroy: Beating that field wire to wire has sold me for now, but lets wait to see how he does in the United States.

6. Geoff Ogilvy: Couple of solid finishes after the opening romper-stomping at Kapalua, Ogilvy has tons of game and I don’t think it’s unrealistic to expect him to win a major within the next couple of years.

7: Vijay Singh: Yea, he’s hurt, but his resume speaks for itself.  There’s no harder worker in golf, no one in better shape, an elite ballstriker who knows how to grind.  Sure, he’s not golfing now, but he’s an all-timer, so he’s here.

8. Paddy Harrington: Another resume placement, though, he doesn’t have the staying power of Vijay thanks to his relatively meager five career PGA wins.  He could drop.  (oh, and for the record, of the four authors…I’m the Paddy hater).

9. Phil Mickelson: Yet another resume guy…unless he does something SOON, he’ll be off the list entirely.

10. Zach Johnson: Sneaky…I used to hate watching him play, but now appreciate his game.  If only he was longer off the tee, he’d be a serious threat.  That said, I’ll take him at Colonial this year to win by at least three strokes.  Zach just fires laser guided bombs with his short irons and when he’s on, it’s impressive as hell.

11. Webb Simpson: Take a look at his 2009 stats, remember he’s a rookie, and you’ll see right away why he’s ranked this high.

12. Anthony Kim: This placement is based on potential and a runner up finish at the Benz.  At the end of last year, I was fully on the AK bandwagon, but now?  It’s getting a little tenuous.  I really haven’t liked what I’ve seen this year and think maybe the fame was a little too much, too soon.

13. Pat Perez: I’ve been a big fan for awhile and the Hope win makes me believe he’s ready for something bigger this season.  When he gets hot, every regular PGA stop is at his mercy except for maybe Quail Hollow.

14. Camillo Villegas: Was on the precipice of being left off completely, partly because I don’t like him and partly because he’s been shaky, but then he went out and shot a 63 yesterday…lets see if he can keep it up (I don’t think he will).

15. Charley Hoffman: BIG BIG BIG hitter who can go low.  He’s here based on his FBR runner up finish, and the fact that he, really, should’ve beaten Kenny Perry.

16. James Nitties: Another guy who’s here based on his strong FBR finish, as well as a great final round at the Hope.  I still can’t get over the fact that this dude was on the Big Break, but then I remember he was on that one season where the Golf Channel decided to get actual good golfers, and realized he actually had game and a pro resume before going on there.  He’s good.  He’ll get better.

17. Louis Oosthuizen: I can’t ignore his 2009 resume, but I’m not a fan whatsoever.  His game is about as exciting as doing your taxes and what’s with the hunter’s glasses?  The other thing that bugs me is that his name is so fun to say, that I can’t stop saying it.  Whatever, he’s been great this year so far and is a solid Euro Tour player, so I really can’t hate on him like…

Not included…Paul Casey: Because of his overall douchebaggery and the fact that, despite what he says now, he hates the country he has no problem making an obscene living in.  Feel free to play full-time on the Euro Tour, Paul, we won’t miss watching you choke in every single major you play.  Plus, it’s not like you’ve ever won here anyways, so why start now?