On Febuary 6, 1971, Astronaut Alan Shepard, then on the Apollo 14 mission, became the first person to hit a golf ball off of the surface of the moon. He designed a special club head to go on top of some astronaut device. Shepard actually practiced in his space suit prior to the mission.

Being a golfer, I thought if I could just get a club up there, and get it going through the ball at the same speed, that it would go six times as far as it would have gone here on Earth… The last thing I was going to do, before climbing up the ladder to come home, was to whack these two golf balls.

Just some random trivia for the day. Can you imagine some of the natural hazards/bunkers on the moon? He probably had to dig deep to get that ball in the air through that dirt and dust on the moon. Too bad Johnny Miller wasn’t there to break down his swing on the BizHub Swing Vision Camp. Dan can hear it now: “Two grooves thin, Rog.”