If there’s any doubt that Tim Finchem is not only incompetent, but also a jerk, here’s some more evidence.

Tim Finchem decided to give one of the few sponsor’s spots in this week’s AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am…to himself, despite the fact that a.) he’s grossly overpaid, making $5 million per year and the entry fee was $15,000 and all that money goes to charity, and b.) he just asked players to do more for sponsors and chairties.

And then there’s this, according to Doug Ferguson…

He’ll play with Love, who was on the policy board in Finchem’s first year as commissioner in 1994. The other team will be Mahan and Randall Stephenson, chairman of AT&T.

The only mystery was the draw sheet.

Finchem and Stephenson were to play the same course rotation as the celebrities (opposite side of the course) – Spyglass Hill, Poppy Hills, Pebble Beach. But a revised draw sheet on Wednesday had them away from the celebrities (translation: attention) by teeing off Thursday at Pebble Beach.

The Tour never messes with the draw sheet, but Finchem doesn’t care…he wants to be on TV.

Why does this guy have a job?  Jesus, if the player’s pockets weren’t being lined with solid gold, then this guy would be gone in a heartbeat.

(h/t: Geoff Shackelford)