pebble_beach1Here’s what you missed yesterday:

  • Professional golf.

Yes, I’m being slightly facetious, but only slightly.  Yesterday’s golf coverage on CBS was borderline unwatchable, and had me tuned out 20 minutes in.  It was excruciating to watch Huey Lewis, Pedro Ceranno The President in 24 the guy who played Pedro Ceranno and The President in 24, and Bill Murray hacking it up out there.  At one point, on 17, they showed three straight shanks into the trees in the right, probably 60 yards away.

We see enough of that as it is when we go out there, do we really need to see that in HD on the most beautiful course in the world?

So, it looks like Dustin Johnson grabbed a four shot lead over Mike Weir, which is pretty cool because it’s fun watching Dustin blast it all over the place.  Mike Weir has contended a lot in the last few years, but has had a rough time coming through.  As your typical Stack and Tilt ™ golfer, Weir is deadly accurate with his short irons and wedges, but sacrifices a ton of length off the tee, something that won’t necessarily hurt him at a lot of holes, on the par 5’s he’ll be hitting woods and hybrids compared to a mid-iron for Johnson.  It’s an interesting clash of styles in the final pairing and there’s enough of a variety of designs to give each their own set for scoring opportunities and should provide some back and forth between the two for the lead.

So, while yesterday’s coverage sucked, at least today’s should be good…if they even play.  There’s an 80% chance of rain predicted for today so it could either be a slopfest or get postponed for the first Monday finish since Tiger’s comeback win in 2000 when he was prepping for the US Open.

Finally…some good golf on Pebble.  About time.