I don’t have any time today to write anything because of a BS work meeting, so…quick programming note:  I plan on having the course preview up tomorrow, something else tomorrow, and the power rankings on Friday.

But in the meantime, a quick link…

Michael Lewis is becoming one of my favorite writers.  Moneyball changed the way I look at baseball for the infinte better, thinking of the game less as a team sport operating as a unit and more as an individual sport where no contribution can be a detriment to your team.  Lewis takes a crack at basketball, another favorite sport of mine, which he presumes to be the opposite of baseball, thinking of hoops more as a team sport where individual accomplishments, while flashy, can hurt your team’s overall performance and that stats, unlike baseball, do not tell half the story.

In this article, Lewis tackles the case of Shane Battier, and highlights many of the things that go un-noticed by casual fans who believe him to be nothing more than a role-player.  It’s fascinating and well written, and I figured if I’m not contributing anything today, I might as well pass along something that’s a great read.  So…enjoy.