It doesn't say anything about selling coke

It doesn't say anything about selling coke

Not exactly the best  way to start a weekend.

When Anthony Kim arrived at this week’s Johnnie Walker Classic in Perth, Australia, he had to carry his own luggage AND golf clubs out of the airport. Okay, that might be a bit of a stretch but his regular caddy, Eric Larson, was denied entry shortly after arriving in the Outback.

According to the report from the Melbourne Herald Sun, AK and Larson had traveled together from the Malaysian Open, but Larson never left the airport and had to wait for a US-bound plane.

Kim didn’t have much to say about the incident and sited “personal things” but it doesn’t take a lot of digging to figure it out.

Larson previously held the bag for Mark Calcavecchia before he was popped for selling cocaine. Oops. Apparently Calc wasn’t winning enough tournaments and Larson had a family to feed. He probably thought that Larson just liked powdered doughnuts. The caddy was sentenced to 13 1/2 years but was released early in 2006 for good behavior. (We all know what that means. Nevermind.) Calc picked him back up after he got out and never missed a beat as the pair won the 2007 PODS championship…actually Larson just handed him the clubs.
AK called up Larson to the bigs last year after his previous caddy, Scott Gneiser, was sent home. I’m sure that doesn’t suck. I wonder if he sports a belt buckle with his initials on it too? It probably says something like EL, $$$, or Coke Zero.
Hold your own damn clubs

Hold your own damn clubs

Australia is one of the more strict places when it comes to a criminal record or as the Immigration Department states, “character requirements”. I saw Locked Up Abroad one time and they do not mess around. Of course that guy was actually trying to smuggle 50 condom-filled coke balloons and almost died. Not exactly on the same level but it was a great show.

As for AK, he had to pull a Happy Gilmore and pick up a caddy in the parking lot. Australian Graeme Heinrich was the lucky pick and the 2 are currently tied for 6th at -8 after the second round. Hopefully he is wearing both shoes and doesn’t steal Fujita’s quarter. According to Kim, Larson will be back at next week’s WGC in Arizona.
By the way, did you hear that Tiger is back?