Well, its been a pretty interesting last couple of days here at the Match Play Championship and you won’t be seeing Tiger raise that trophy this year… he’s out, Sergio’s out, Vijay’s out… I picked Dustin Johnson to ride the thunder  from 2 straight weeks of good golf to a 4th place finish and he’s been bounced. There’s been a lot happening on the course so the best way to summarize what has happened is check out the brackets…

Just some quick highlights: Tim Clark ousted Tiger yesterday winning 4 & 2. I believe Tiger hit 7 of 12 fairways, he knocked in a pitch from just off the green, and showed no signs of pain in the surgically repaired knee. Tim Clark said he had to play the best round of his life to have a chance at winning. I’m not sure it was the best round he could have put together, but anytime you beat Tiger head to head, it’s gotta be one of your better rounds.

19 year old Rory McIlroy beat  Hunter Mahan 1 up to advance to round 3 and will play against Tiger killer, Tim Clark. I’m looking forward to the Villegas/Ogilvy match today. 2 other matches to keep an eye on are  Els  vs. Donald and Mickelson vs. Cink.

After today’s round is complete we will be in the quarter finals which will be played tomorrow as well as the semi’s, and the championship will be played on Sunday. Be sure to check out our wonderful brackets. Mine is a disaster.