Coming off his win at the WGC Match Play, I don’t think it’s outrageous to ask the question, “is Geoff Ogilvy the best player in golf RIGHT NOW?”  In his win over Paul Casey on Sunday, as he did the entire week, Ogilvy looked to be on cruise control with his effortless swing that smoothly accelerates before impact and the versatile short game that won him the 2006 US Open.  Ogilvy looked to be going for a casual walk, aimlessly strolling around a park and hitting a white ball every 10 minutes or so, and in the end, he won his third WGC event, and second Match Play title.

That’s some heady stuff.

Back to the hypothetical.  Is Ogilvy the best player in the world right now?  I’d say yes.  Tiger Woods isn’t Tiger Woods yet and we haven’t really seen much of anything from Sergio, Vijay, Anthony Kim or Paddy, so really, what’s left?  Phil?  The guy who couldn’t break 70 a few weeks ago?  Sure, I still think he’s the best rival for Tiger, but he’s not playing better than everyone else right now.  That leaves Ogilvy.

This is the second time in 2009 that the Aussie has shellacked a field.  While the Match Play win was a little different than his rolling in Kapalua, there was still little doubt, at least in the final, that Ogilvy was the better man.  Even when distressed, like when he hit an approach with a fairway wood into a cactus, he never seemed like he was out of control.  Contrast that with Casey’s approach which was sloppy and errant, and it was obvious that this thing was essentially over after the first 18.

Now, it’s not like Ogilvy played a flawless tournament, needing 19 holes to advance his first two matches, but his following wins over Camillo Villegas, Rory McIlroy and Casey were executed in textbook match play fashion.  And while TV execs might hate his ‘boring’ style of golf (seriously, how can boring be attributed to Ogilvy?  The dude hits everything close, makes long putts, can chip in from everywhere and can flat out bomb it…tell me, how the hell is that boring?), he’s one of the game’s rising stars and, even with his win, remains criminally underrated.

So how is it that a dude who has a US Open and three WGC titles can be overlooked?  Why does countryman, Adam Scott, STILL get tons of ink when he has, literally, a quarter of Ogilvy’s resume?  What has AK and Camillo done compared to Ogilvy?

Is he destined to be this generation’s Billy Casper or Larry Nelson as a truly great player who doesn’t get the credit he deserves?  Or is this just the tip of the iceberg of numerous big wins and an ascent to greatness?  Not sure, but what I am sure of, is that of any other player in golf right now, Ogilvy is the best*.

*subject to change.