The first episode of the Haney Project premiered last night, and it was entirely what I expected it to be. Before the show even started, replays of Charles’ swing were played over and over again, and frankly it was absolutely hilarious. I feel bad for the guy, especially since he actually used to play golf relatively well, but you really have to wonder how the hell he is even able to make contact with the ball!?

The episode was, at most, an introduction to Charles’ golf swing, as well as a meet and greet between Hank Haney and Charles for the ‘first time’.  They sat down to grab some food and talked about the history of his swing and how golf is one of the things he still cherishes the most in life.  Now I might will butcher this quote but Charles said something along the lines of, ‘there is nothing better than three guys being able to go out into nature and play golf with the beautiful surroundings, it’s wonderful.’  While it might sound semi-cliche, he has a great mindset.  Which isone thing Hank Haney hit upon, the mindset of Charles. He is willing to do anything in order to fix his golf swing. Or he needs the money but I won’t touch that.

All in all it was pretty interesting, they really didn’t get into any mechanics or golf tips, which I wasn’t too surprised about, but the technology and all the video taping was pretty impressive. They really hit home how much of a joke Charles’ golf swing was, even showing a few Youtube videos on one of Hank’s monstrous 46″ LCD monitors. The only ‘problem’ as I saw it was the Nike tour logo on EVERYTHING. But hey someone has to sponsor cable TV shows, it’s better than Cialis or Viagra. And what Nike golf commerical, I mean television show would be complete without a little Tiger slobbering.

Charles took part in a “TIGER DAY!” which I have to admit would absolutely kill me, and it looked like it just about killed Charles. The poor guy at 46 was absolutely drenched in sweat during the afternoon and it looked like he was about to be hauled off to the clubhouse by a cart. Even though they were drills, and he was definitely hurting, his golf swing was looking much better even by the end up the first episode; the miracles of television!

At it’s very core, this is purely an entertainment piece, and NOT an instructional piece like Playing with the Pros. Though I can definitely see myself watching more of the episodes. I mean seriously, the only thing funnier than watching Frank Caliendo impersonate Charles, is Charles’ golf swing And thanks to the wonders of Youtbe and the internet we can always watch Charles chop the hell outta his golf balls.