What was known last year as the Wachovia, and is now sponsored by Wells Fargo who purchased Wachovia, the tournament held at Quail Hollow will be absent of any corporate sponsorships.  While this isn’t exactly huge news, it’s both refreshing and honest, as it’s really not fun seeing a company taking taxpayer dollars for a bailout pasting their name over everything in sight in something as frivolous as a golf tournament.

But I like it for different reasons…it’s just cool.

I’m sick of referring to every tournament by a company’s name, and for an event as prestigious as this one, it’s nice to give the course the credit it deserves.  Quail Hollow is in my top 10 courses in America, and if you ask the pros, they’ll agree.  So…kudos to Wells Fargo and congrats to Quail Hollow Club.

(Is kudos the right thing to give in this case?  Whatever, it’s cool.)

H/T: Geoff Shackelford