Yes, this isn't from the Honda, but it was hard to find a halfway decent pic of Mr. Yang so...cut us some slack.

Yes, this isn't from the Honda, but it was hard to find a halfway decent pic of Mr. Yang so...cut us some slack.

…a lot of sloppy golf on what might be the worst championship golf course in America.

Congrats go out to YE Yang, former Tiger killer, who won his first PGA event and becomes only the second native Korean to win on tour, but at the same time, he was about as shaky as it gets down the stretch. In a disappointing finish, Yang managed to avoid massive numbers while outlasting a rapidly diminishing field that saw John Rollins find his way into second and Ben Crane third, and sublime 65 by young’ n Scott Piercy, but aside from that, Yang and his mistakes weren’t really challenged as Robert Allenby and Calc both blew it on Sunday.

I’m not going to lie, this is EASILY my least favorite event of the year that has a halfway decent field.  I don’t like being negative in every single thing I post on here, but I haven’t had a lot to talk about, and this is the culmination of the early season morass we’re currently in.  Everything about this tournament sucks, the NBC coverage, the course, the field…so, I say we move on as quickly as possible so we can start talking about Doral, Bay Hill and the Masters.

I don’t mean to take anything away from YE Yang or Rollins or Piercy, but every year I watch this event, I just can’t take it.  Maybe if they moved the event to a different venue, it’d be easier to watch, but PGA National is such a soulless brute that it sucks all the life out of the tournament.

Great golf tournaments are like a race and the competition has a pulse.  The Honda Classic, every year, is like watching a bunch of mountain climbers try to hang on during a storm, and the last guy to fall off gets a trophy.  The Bear Trap, and where it comes in on Sunday, is an absolute atrocity, and for NBC to fluff Jack for that stretch of holes is borderline retarded…that could be the single worst stretch of holes on the PGA tour rota, yet, if you watched, that’s all you heard Miller and Hicks talk about.

Seriously, if someone can explain to me why a stretch of holes that just kills any momentum a tournament had is great, I’d probably PayPal you a dollar or something.  Anyways, I’m sick of bitching about the Honda, and I’m glad we can move on.  Congratulations to YE Yang, you made it through the gauntlet with the fewest injuries, and for that, you’re an instant millionaire.  Now, I hope you don’t take offense, but we’re going to move on as fast as we can.  Thank God this tourney is over.