Yea, I realize that it’s been awhile since we got a Power Rankings up, but there’s a reason for that…it’s pretty hard to determine who’s playing the best in a Match Play event when there’s so much volatility and the Honda Classic’s field was meh.  That said…there’s some movement in this week’s edition as players are beginning to round into form.  A quick programming note…these will now be run at the beginning of the week right after a tournament.

Onto the Rankings.

1. Geoff Ogilvy (5): There isn’t a golfer playing better golf right now than Ogilvy.  There’s not a lot more to say, but he’s the clear cut favorite heading into the CA Championship…Tiger or not.

2. Rory McIlroy (6): He’s playing fantastic golf right now and seems to be getting acclimated to playing stateside.  I’ve been trying to temper my expectations for McIlroy, but it’s really not working.  He’s too good right now and I’d be shocked if he didn’t win at least once on the PGA Tour.

3. Tiger Woods (1): Need to see more…not especially overwhelmed by his return.  The swing looked a little different and he needs to get back into golf shape.  Think about it…he’s played, what, a little over 30 holes?  That’s not much of a sample size, so he’s gotta fall down in these until we see him at Doral.

4. Paul Casey (NR): I can’t keep him off the list.  He’s been too good.  Damnit.

5. Sergio Garcia (2): I was expecting huge things from Sergio this year, and still have high expectations, but it seems to me like he’s reverting to the old-can’t-putt Sergio that we’ve seen for years.  At the Honda, he was the best ballstriker by miles, leading the field in GIR’s, but couldn’t get the ball in the hole.

6. Kenny Perry (3): Again, not a lot to go on, but he’s been great so far this year.

7. Phil Mickelson (NR): The win at Riviera went a long way.  Losing so early in Match Play was rough, but it happens, and I don’t put a whole lot of stock into it.  If he reverts to his early season suck in this next stretch of tournaments, it’s probably going to take a string of top 10’s or a Players win to get him back in the rankings.

And for this week, I’m stopping here.  In the last two weeks, we had the Match Play and then an event that had a pretty weak field on a course that didn’t teach us anything about the players that won.  I don’t have a lot of information to go on any further, but that’s going to change next week with the CA and then Bay Hill and heading into the Masters.  So…for this week, consider the list incomplete, but that won’t be the case moving forward.