Tiger’s struggling.  You know, it’s not that he isn’t playing good golf either.  His swing looks fine enough, and he’s moving all right, so I don’t think the knee is as much of an issue as the rust.  Like I said yesterday, Tiger wasn’t that far off.  The blemishes on the scorecard are less a result of bad shots as they are a matter of some fine tuning thing that can be fixed, and knowing Tiger, will probably shake off all at once in a huge birdiefest.

But, for today, he’s not.

Instead, like a tournament at Doral tends to do, the cream rose to the top.  Phil, following his ridiculous 65 yesterday with another 66 today leads at -13 with Nick Watney in 2nd at -11, who’s off Phil’s pace by a stroke per round.  It’s a four man race at this point…right behind Phil and Watney is 19 year old, and Tuna Golf favorite, Rory McIlroy and, another TG fav, Kenny Perry right there at -10.  Notables behind them are Camillo Villegas at -9, Alvaro Quiros, Dustin Johnson, Furyk and Poulter at -8, and Sean O’Hair and Paddy within a hot streak at -7. 

Hmm…the second most talented player in the world, a handful of young guns, and a srpinkling of seasoned vets.  Not a bad leaderboard.  Seriously, we’ve been talking about pretty much all of these guys as long as the blog’s been around so is it any surprise that we’re finding them up here?

My biggest question heading into the weekend?  Will NBC go the cheap route for golf fans and devote 75% of the coverage to Tiger or actually show some gumption and not show him unless he does something special, like any other guy that would be 10 strokes off the lead?  I just hope they do the right thing…Phil, Rory and Nick Watney are too good to miss.