UPDATE: Thanks WordPress for just NOT posting these today…great job, really.  Anyways, since I couldn’t find out about this until now, I got a chance to update with the day’s scores.  You got lucky this time, WordPress…THIS time.

Anyways, big group today was the Poulter/Rose pairing…Tiger looked awesome, but he could probably fire a 60 in these conditions.

An annual contest between rival country clubs Lake Nona and Isleworth wouldn’t normally be noteworthy.  But when golfers like Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam, Natalie Gulbis, Henrik Stenson, JB Holmes, Ernie Els, Ian Poulter and Reteif Goosen are involved, it tends to pique one’s interest. Tavistock participants have, for their aggregate careers, won 49 majors and over 700 events worldwide…yay!!!

Separated by only 25 miles, Lake Nona and Isleworth are the stomping grounds to many a tour pro.  Of course those non-state-income-taxing hookers down in Florida, oh, and the weather, draw many a pro to headquarter in this area, and when you have two great communities that pander to the golfer, the pros tend to flock.

This year, it’s at Lake Nona.  The purse will probably be in the $4 million range, with a large portion being donated to the winning team’s charity of choice.  This is essentially a big money golf gang fight between the two biggest gangs…think West Side Story, except, with less annoying dance sequences.

So why should we care?  Eh, I don’t think we really should.  All this thing is, is a cool excuse to put Tiger on tv on Monday and Tuesday, watch some obscenely rich people get richer, and some bragging rights be exchanged.  It should be known that Isleworth has won four of five of these things, and with Tiger aboard (he’s won three of the five Payne Stewart awards for lowest score), does anyone expect that to change?

Round 1 is a fourball competition…nothing flashy here.  Round 2 is a kinda cool fourball singles event.  Each player will play a single stroke play round, and it will be compared to both of the opposing team’s players.  For example, lets say Tiger and Charles Howell III are going against Poulter and Stenson for Lake Nona.  Tiger shoots 64, Howell shoots 65, Poulter shoots 66 and Stenson 64.  Tiger would halve with Stenson and win a point against Poulter for 1 1/2 pts.  Same with Stenson, only he’d have won his point against Howell.  Howell would’ve gained a point for a win over Poulter.  Hope that helps.


Day 1 Fourball:

  • Tiger/John Cook -9 vs. DiMarco/Stenson -8
  • Mark O’Meara/Darren Clarke -10 vs. Mark McNulty/Ben Curtis -7
  • Allenby/Appleby -9 vs. Rose/Poulter -10
  • Nick O’Hern/Howell III -10 vs. Els/Immelman -7
  • JB/Daniel Chopra -8 vs. Retief/Graeme McDowell -12

Day 1 Results: Isleworth 6 vs. Lake Nona 4

Day 2 Fourball Singles:

  • O’Meara/Cook vs. Immelman/Curtis
  • O’Hern/Appleby vs. McDowell/Retief
  • JB/Allenby vs. Rose/DiMarco
  • Clarke/Chopra vs. McNulty/Els
  • Tiger/CHIII vs. Poulter/Stenson