After reading an AP article about the things caddys hate to hear their players say, I started thinking that we should try to make our own list of the things a golfer never wants to hear a caddy say. Being that it was an AP article, it was a little tame with their list  of comments being limited to “Go!” and “Get down!”. I mean, sure you don’t want your player to have the wrong distances and wrong reads or plays, but come on. We decided to put together out own little twist on the list (I’m a poet and didn’t know it!) with some spicy Tuna Golf flavor! Check it out.

Things you never want to hear your caddy say to you:

  • I told you so…
  • Club up Suzie.
  • Way to take my advice.
  • Should’ve listened to me on that one, huh?
  • What do you pay me for?
  • Did the club slip on that one?
  • I owe you a beer for that one.
  • Did your husband teach you that shot?
  • 2 grooves thin?
  • Too bad, you can’t just hit triangle for a mulligan on that one.
  • I guess it did break left…

I just have one to add to the article that was not on there:
5 iron? Ha, you’re fired!

Now you can probably go on for days with this stuff, but we did not. That said, what did we miss? What should we add or remove from this list?