You missed some strange golf.

Bay Hill is a gambler’s course.  Sometimes everyone’s catching the cards, sometimes everyone’s going all in and busting, and sometimes there’s a lot of both.  But sometimes the cards just aren’t coming out and there’s some herky jerky action and that was yesterday’s round.

Jason Gore is your leader after posting a 65 with Tim Herron and Jeff Overton at -4, and a group including Sean O’Hair and Nick Watney at -3.  Tiger is at -2.

Now, I say yesterday was herky jerky because of the coverage.  Everytime I tuned in, it was either a shot of Tiger or someone approaching the green at 18.  I’m not going to lie, yesterday Golf Channel did a piss poor job of actually showing golf, instead trying to save their meager bacon and hoping to get the casual viewer.

Guess what Golf Channel, if someone’s watching you, they’re a golf addict and want to see a variety of players, not just Tiger.  This is one thing when Tiger is firing on all cylinders, as that makes for great TV, but when he’s struggling like he was yesterday?  Give us a break

As for Tiger, he had a pretty crappy round.  He couldn’t do anything tee to green, and if it wasn’t for his 24 putts on the round, he’d have some serious work to do.  But that’s how good he is…he couldn’t hit a fairway, had trouble getting to the greens, but never loses a stroke because of a hot putter and his great short game.

But as great as Tiger is as a golfer, Arnold Palmer is even greater as an ambassador to the sport.  When the King joins the booth, he’s just the best and an absolute joy to listen to, and even at his advanced age, Arnie hasn’t lost a step.  He’s really the best and I wish today’s pros (*cough, Tiger) would use him as an example as to how to carry themselves and truly promote the game.

As for the leaderboard…we said that Bay Hill rewards distance so it should be no surprise that Gore, O’Hair, Watney, Hunter Mahan and Tiger are all in the mix.  The course is playing wonderfully and while I would’ve preferred to see more coverage, I could watch a highlight film of approach shots at 18 all day long.  We have a good tournament brewing and I have a feeling Tiger is going to make a lot of noise before Sunday.