I hate reruns.

I hate Tiger Woods.

There, I said it.  You happy?  See, I like watching competitions.  I like seeing guys jockey for a lead and hoping someone will win, it’s fun.  Tiger Woods is not fun.  Tiger Woods wins everything.  EVERYTHING.  Tiger had no business winning this tournament, NONE.  Not one bit.

And then he wins.

He ALWAYS wins.

OK, so I don’t literally HATE Tiger because he’s that good, but at what point does this ridiculousness end?  It has to stop sometimes, you have to figure that eventually someone is going to beat him or he’s going to miss that final putt, doesn’t it?  How is it humanly possible that one person can produce time and time and time and time again and possess a seemingly endless reserve of BAWLZ like Tiger?

Tiger was a C+ at best with his ballstriking all week.  But fortunately for him, his short game was so absurdly good that it hardly mattered, and isn’t that the way it usually is?  Tiger getting up and down from everywhere and making every putt that matters?

I think at this point, it’s safe to say that Tiger is the greatest putter ever.  And it wasn’t just the final putt that’s driving me to say this, it’s the multiple 15-20 footers that he was drilling down the stretch to stick to the leaderbaord that were.

And this is why I hate Tiger Woods, because there’s nothing else to say.  Was this putt awesome-er than his one at Torrey at the US Open, the one from Bay Hill or in Dubai last year, the stretch at Valhalla in the 2000 PGA, the putt at 16 at Pebble with the famous glare, or the “better than most” putt at TPC Sawgrass, or the one at…you see where I’m getting at right?  This is a rerun.  This is the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld that’s on TBS every other week.

I hate talking about Tiger because there’s nothing left to discuss.  The knee injury was awesome (figuratively) because, for ONCE in Tiger’s life, the future wasn’t crystal clear.  There was actualy SPECULATION rather than the foregone conclusion that usuall warms over us when he’s standing over a putt at 18 with a chance to win.

This was absolutely thrilling golf, and in the end, we have a carbon copy of one of Tiger’s patented “light switch” comebacks.  And while I may hate the fact that I’ve been this shocked numerous times before, it never gets old.

Tiger’s the best, and it’s good to have him back, even though he might give everyone who loves golf nothing to talk about.