That was AWESOME.  We covered quite a bit of this already so lets just get right to it.


Arnold Palmer: He’s the KING for a reason.  Every golfer owes a lot to the man who brought the game into prominence in the advent of the television era.  Arnie captivated a generation and, to this day, remains golf’s greatest ambassador.

Tiger, and the cadre of spoiled children golfers should take a page out of Arnie’s book.  He’s the man.

Tiger Woods: He’s the best, but we’ve been through that already.

Sean O’Hair: Held it together best he could.  His tournament almost died and he kept it on course, giving himself a chance.  He just got beat by the alpha dog…no shame in that, I guess.

Bay Hill: This is a major worthy course and it’s just a shame that there will almost assuredly never be a major in Florida because of the weather and course conditioning.  No. 18 might be the best finishing hole played on the PGA Tour this year providing so many ridiculous endings that Arnold Palmer should be given some sort of blue ribbon for.  Arnie’s got Jack by miles on the course design front, and Bay Hill is his masterpiece.


Sean O’Hair: Yea, he held it together, but he had a 5 stroke lead heading into today.  He gave it up.  That’s not good.

Zach Johnson: Oh, he was his typically fine self, grinding it out like a true pro, but he was paired with two of the best strikers of the ball playing golf.  This isn’t his fault, but any focus on him was overwhelmed by O’Hair and Tiger’s talent.  He’s turning into a real solid pro, but Hicks and Miller didn’t give him much due.  It’s a shame too.

NBC Golf: NBC is an absolute joke.  Johnny Miller was his usual obnoxious self who couldn’t get out of his own way, being proven off-base or innacurate on multiple occasions and Dan Hicks had his lips firmly perched on Tiger’s ass the minute he drew close and the rest of these guys couldn’t carry what was an abysmal performance by the two main announcers.

Where was the discussion about how diabolical these greens were?  Nowhere.  Why was there all this talk about the cut swings when pretty much every pro has that same cut finish these days?  Watch some tape, almost every pro nowadays plays a baby fade as their go to shot from the tees and on approach shots.  This isn’t a new phenomenon and is pretty vanilla.  You should know this.

While Peter Jacobson and the multiple scenes of caddy/player talk were awesome and the production absolutely stunning, the annoucing crew of Hicks and Miller has proved to be arguably one of the worst pairings ever to spit on a microphone.  It’s unbearable wathcing golf on NBC with those two talking the entire time.  Miller is one thing, some people like him and he says things to get attention, but Hicks has no clue what’s going on out there and it’s obvious.

But that shouldn’t take away from what was an incredible day of golf.

Up Next: Phil and others at the Shell Houston Open…last dance before the Masters.  If Phil wins…the pre-Masters hype might reach critical levels.