Hey you!

Want a free* driver?

Aw yea you do.  *So all you have to do is buy a Taylor Made r9, r7 Limited or Burner and if Sergio Garcia wins the Masters, we’ll reimburse you!

Sounds pretty dumb if you’re thinking of buying a new Taylor Made driver, and sounds pretty dumb if you’re Taylord Made.  Now, we know Taylor Made/Adidas Golf (TMAG) is struggling in our crappy economy, and are LEGENDARY for releasing a new driver every three months, leading to overstocking and drivers you paid $400 for being brand new in the bargain bin for half that, so is this anything more than a plea to overpay for your choice of two discontinued model drivers or a brand new one which will probably be out of date by May?

For the time being, lets assume Sergio doesn’t win the Masters, which he probably won’t.  Why would you overpay for the Burner and r7 Limited when you know damn well that as soon as the Masters are done, you could buy it for $100 less?  Because Sergio MIGHT win the Masters and you COULD get it for free?  Wow, you must be loaded to not give a shit about a good chunk of money like that.

This is why the golf club nuts, at this point, view TMAG as a toy company that make some quality products but aren’t worth the money because they release so many new models.  I’m not knocking the quality of TM clubs, as they make some great woods with innovative, yet useful, technology and they don’t look ridiculous.  No, this is a knock on their business practices.

So if you participate in this thing, you’re essentially putting $150 with the chance to win a driver worth $300 on the slim chance Sergio wins the Masters.  I say you’re putting $150 on him because if you wanted to trade the driver, even brand new, you’d be hard pressed to get anything more than that in return.  This is fine if you just want to buy that driver and can justify paying more when you can wait two weeks, but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

Now lets assume that Sergio WINS THE MASTERS!!!

Excuse me…wow…brainsplosion.  I’m not sure I could handle that, but for the sake of the argument, I’ll continue.

If Sergio wins (/faints), TMAG is out a TON of money.  All these drivers that could’ve made SOME profit are now a complete wash, and like I said, in today’s economy, that’s not good.  Now, it wouldn’t cripple TMAG because Adidas is keeping them afloat for the time being, but you’d imagine that if they incurred a loss like that, something would have to suffer.

Wait a second…maybe if Sergio wins and TMAG takes a hit, they’ll focus on making more quality clubs instead of releasing new models four times per year.  Hey, that might be a good thing…

Nah…Sergio isn’t winning the Masters (/reverse psychology) and it’s a pipe dream.

So don’t fall into the trap unless you’re REALLY confident that Sergio is gonna slip on the green jacket.  If you want the driver, wait a couple of weeks and get it for 2/3 the price, trust me, they’ll drop almost instantaneously.  Hey, I’ll be rooting for him, but this whole shebang seems pretty pointless.