What did “A win for the ages” get rewarded with?  Your name carved into the permanent trophy in the clubhouse, the gold medal, and of course the illustrious green jacket. Now the first two rewards seem the most appropriate but the green jacket is the most recognizable reward in golf, if not all of sports.  But why a green jacket?

Augusta National has hosted their annual golf major each year since 1934 and starting in 1937 the history of the green jacket began. The green jackets were initially used as identifiers, if someone was wearing a green jacket at Augusta they would have been a member there, and you could ask them questions about the course. This apparently didn’t last long due to the heavy material used to make the jacket as it was very uncomfortable to wear in warm weather, and eventually became a light-weight jacket.

Starting in 1949 however, the green jackets made a come back. The winner that year was Sam Snead, and he received the green jacket for the first time. Since 1949 the winner of The Masters has received a green jacket as a symbol of their acceptance as a member of Augusta National.

Some other interesting facts about the jacket is that the new member is permitted to keep their jacket for one year after their win. After that one year the jacket is returned to the clubhouse where it kept for the member for when they visit the club.  Also as tradition the previous years winner assists the new winner into his given jacket. Should a champion win two years in a row though, as Tiger and Nick Faldo have done, the chairman of Augusta assist them.