After a long deliberation and internal struggle I’ve finally chosen my Masters pick.  I believe Zach Johnson will be our next Masters champion.  Zach is a wonderfully accurate golfer who has the ability and the temperment to withstand the stress of a major tournment.

But why Zach? To be honest I combed through my mind for justification for about 5 other golfers whom I thought would be a better pick. Phil is well…Phil, I think he’ll do very well but just won’t do anything spectacular to earn the green jacket. His play at Doral amazed me, I loved it, I really did but as last week shows us Phil has his ups and his downs. And to be frank, I am just not feeling Phil this week.

On a similiar note, Geoff Ogilvy is probably my favorite player on tour right now. His swing is amazing, and almost as effortless as Freddy Couples. More on FC later. As Geoff was my pick last week at in Houston, I just felt the need to switch it up a little. Unfortunately for me and Geoff I don’t have a great reason for this and it was nothing more than my gut telling me to move on for Augusta at least…Now back to Freddy Couples for a minute. His play is fantastic, talk about effortless looking swings. At 49 years old he can still smash a 3 wood off the deck 300 yards…incredibly impressive. I think if he can start making those clutch putts he could definitely still contend at Augusta, but his putting is probably still going to be the downfall of him in this case. But we’ll see, I’d call him my darkhorse pick if nothing else.

Now for Tiger, I’d have to agree with Spencer on this one, I’m just not feeling his ballstriking as of late. He was uncharacteristically inaccurate with his approach shots at Bay Hill. I know Tiger will do well and he is going to strive for nothing but a win, I just can’t see him winning a major at this point.

Now that I’ve bored you with all of my reasons I didn’t take certain golfers. Back to the point. Zach Johnson. He’s deadly with his approach shots and is a wonderful putter. He definitely has the ability to get it close and accurate on the deadly Augusta greens. It will depend on a few things, which could hurt him.The weather, if it’s good there will be quite a few lower scorers throwing darts, but it the weather is on the poor side, I believe Zach definitely has the course management skills to ride out a win.