Some early thoughts:

  • ESPN has gone overboard with their Tiger coverage.  This is the kind of stuff that makes God angry…I’m not religious, but I’m pretty sure the whole “worshipping false idols” thing doesn’t make the big man upstairs too happy.
  • Chad Campbell and Hunter Mahan on fire.
  • Shingo Katayama is the leader in the clubhouse after the first round.  For some reason I can remember him being on a few Masters’ leaderboards, but, not to be a pessimist, I’d be shocked if he were around after tomorrow.
  • Ogilvy has as boring a -3 under as you’ll come across at Augusta.
  • Nick Watney is in the clubhouse at -2, but he left some strokes out on the course for sure.  His ballstriking was phenomenal and I expect him to make some noise tomorrow.

Pretty good stuff so far.