stevewilsonmid-amSteve Wilson is probably not a name you’ve heard unless you’ve gone through the field for the Masters this week. Steve is one of the select few amateurs to be invited to Augusta National this year as a reward for his outstanding match play victory at the Mid-Amateur tournament which took place at River Hills Country Club in Milwaukee.¬† His dominating 5-and-4 victory over his competitor Todd Mitchell earned him 15 practice rounds and a chance for an inconceivable dream of winning one of the most distinguished tournaments in golf.

This 39-year old Mississippi Gulf Coast resident is an owner of a BP gas station in his home town, and has always had the dream of playing on the PGA tour. Unfortunately for Steve his dream of playing on the PGA Tour took a backseat with a few of lifes curveballs, the need to sustain a living and the birth of his son. The same son Gavan, who is of course, Steve’s caddie this afternoon for the par 3 competition, in white coveralls and all. Though he would perhaps never have gotten here to enjoy Augusta with his father, his son and a select few friends who accompanied him on his practice rounds if life had not played out this way. Steve competed in quite a few amateur events and the Nike Tour events, but never went to qualifying school. Despite his little known status he has quite the following.

His Gulf Coast neighbors are supporting him 100%, he’s the biggest story in town. As Kevin Hughes the director of the golf course Wilson plays at often said, “Steve is only the second guy from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to play in the Masters, and the other one played in the first one, invited by Bobby Jones.” He’s definitely is a select group of individuals, hopefully his game and his mind are up for the challenge.

Though from all reports, his game is pretty well suited for Augusta. Hughes also stated that, “He hits it high and he hits a cut (fade), and those are all things you have to do there.” Hopefully this will be one amateur that is definitely worth watching and keeping track of throughout the entire tournament. Perhaps with enough motivation and determination he can still go back to his dreams of attending qualifying school and perhaps someday play on tour.