Gearing up for the Masters today…watching ESPN2’s Cold Pizza First Take and Mr. Contrarian, Skip Bayless said:

Tiger should just leave the driver at home.

Sigh…I hate this kind of reasoning.

Yes, Tiger is TECHNICALLY not that accurate of a driver, but he’s so good with his irons that it doesn’t matter, and even when he misses a fairway, it’s usually not that bad of a miss.

A golfer is not bits and pieces, they’re a total package.  Sure, we talk about certain elements of a golfer such as Phil’s shortgame or Sergio’s ballstriking, but it’s all part of something bigger.  The reason Phil is considered a short game master is because his distance gives him opportunities to score because there are a lot of short guys who have a great shortgame but can’t use it to get birdies and such.  The only reason Sergio scores well is because he’s so good tee to green because his putting is a liability.

So…no, Skip, Tiger doesn’t need to get rid of the driver.  Tiger has no problem hitting from thick rough, and even if YOU think he’d be better if he found more fairways, Tiger will take his 5 wins and 1.5 majors per year and be completely happy, thank you very much.  Now go back to saying Kevin Garnett and LeBron James aren’t in the top 20 NBA players and the world will be right again.