If you watched the Masters, you probably saw two tournaments rolled into one.  There was the biggun, of course, but then there was the shootout being staged by the game’s two best players at a course that fits them both to a T.

And what we got was sheer madness.

I’m not going to wax poetic for too long, as there’s a lot been said already by writers far more capable and qualified than I, but when these two get together now, it’s must see TV.

Tiger is great and is only getting better while Phil is as rock-solid as he’s ever been and has the Ferrarri-like, high-end horsepower that Tiger seems to be lacking post-surgery.  Whatever it is, these two put on an absolute clinic, and before you knock Phil for not coming through and blowing a very realistic shot at 63 to win, just consider how much that is to ask.

While this wasn’t the main event, it was an undercard that stole the show.