This kind of crap has always bugged the hell out of me.  I’m sure by now you’ve all heard about Sergio’s comments regarding Augusta and all that, and yes, I agree that it’s immature and stupid, but why do people care?  Why the hell is this news?

People, listen, professional sports ARE ENTERTAINMENT.  They’re not life or death, in most cases, we don’t know who these people are, and frankly, any interest we have in these athletes is about what they do on their respective fields of play, not what they say in press conferences or any other bullshit like that.  Is Sergio a tad immature?  Hell yes he is, but guess what?  I’m 25 and sometimes act like a petulant bitch and complain about things I really should be fortunate to have the opportunity to do.  And I’ll bet any amount of money that at some point in your life you’ve done the same thing about your job or a relationship or something that you shouldn’t take for granted, but probably do.

Hold on…holy crap is Dunkin’ Donuts coffee an absolute masterpiece of caffeinated wonderment.  Wow.  I’m in coffee heaven right now.

Anyways…why do we even care about what someone says in a press conference?  Especially a golfer, a breed of athlete who is amongst the most bland groups of people on the face of the earth?  So Sergio acted like a little punk after the Masters, but why are we even paying attention to what he’s saying in the first place?

And here’s the crux of my argument…how does the way someone acts impact the way they entertain you at all when they’re on your television screen?  I don’t watch Sergio Garcia fervishly because he’s a super cool guy, I watch him because he’s one of the five most talented players on earth, a guy who can hit a golf ball so f*ing great that it brings me mental pleasure.  I love watching Sergio play golf…and frankly, when he’s not on my television screen, he could be murdering puppies or saving African villages from warlords for all I care, but it wouldn’t impact the only reason I consider myself a fan of his.

Same thing with guys like TO and Stephen Jackson (Golden State Warriors SF/SG)…off the field, they’re boorish assholes, plain and simple, but that doesn’t impact my life in the slightest.  When they’re ON the field, they’re two of the best players in their respective games and an incredible joy to watch.  I don’t care if they get into a shootout outside a strip club or if they’re doing situps in their driveway because I don’t care about that.

Now, if you’ve read any of my ramblings from before, you’ll know that I’ve been critical of Greg Norman and Fred Couples for being, alleged, jerks.  There are a few differences between Sergio’s comments and Norman and Boom-boom…the biggest being, I love watching Sergio play because it’s exciting, and I don’t like watching the Shark or Freddie.  Maybe if I saw those guys in the prime of their career’s, it’d be another thing, but I’m 25 and don’t have the time or the desire to go back and watch a bunch of old clips.  Sorry, but it’s true.

So, please…lay off Sergio.  He’s a treat to watch on the golf course, and after he’s shook his opponent’s hand and signed his card, what does it matter what he does?  We don’t know him, we’ve never met him…so why do we even care?  Don’t overthink sports, people, it’s entertainment.  That’s it.