So I DVR’d Sunday’s coverage of the Verizon Heritage because I wasn’t going to be around a tele all day, and was fully expecting Brian Gay to choke with the lead…


Seriously…Brian Gay wins by 10 strokes?  Brian f*ing Gay?  If you had told me on Saturday that Brian Gay was going to put on a Tiger-esque show and win by a decade, I would’ve asked you to join me on 4/20 for some bong rips because you obviously would’ve had some killer stuff.

Guess I was wrong.  Way wrong.

But I probably shouldn’t have been…see, Harbour Town favors accuracy.  Fairways and greens win Tartan Jackets, and it’s not a long course, so why wouldn’t Gay be a logical choice?  The dude is a PGA stalwart despite being the shortest hitter on tour…guys with a 180-yard 4-iron in the bag aren’t big stars, but if they’re around, it means they can put a ball in a bucket from any distance with any club, and doesn’t that sound like the recipe for winning on a course with supremely narrow fairways and teeny greenies?


Then again…if this was any other player, I’d keep the DVR around, but let’s face it.  Brian Gay plays boring golf.  Congrats on the huge win and the trip to next year’s Masters, but I don’t think I’m gonna be watching this one.