Great question, glad you asked.

I think Tiger just needs to pull his head out of his ass, for starters.

Forget the shaft tinkering, the swing coach changes, just do something that I never thought I’d recommend in a million years…listen to Johnny Miller.

Go home.  Watch this.

Do THAT, man.  Remember that?  That was AWESOME.  You should totally do that again.

I mean, clearly, Phil is better than you right now and it isn’t particularly close.  You can’t like that, can you?  No, I can imagine it sucks watching your chief rival’s biggest flaw, his driver, become one of his biggest strengths with the all around game in sparkling fashion.  And it must’ve killed you to see him win that Green Jacket.  I know life sucks, buddy, but take out your aggression on the golf ball.  Just go back to killing it and making women out of men.

Speaking of good players who need to get it together…Steve Stricker, Sergio, Camilo, Sean O’Hair and Ian Poulter need to start playing well.  They’re sucking.

Phil’s great, nothing new here.  Hunter Mahan is the man and I’m going to miss Anthony Kim.  Rickie Fowler is killing it and Rory McIlroy might just start going apocalyptic on everyone’s ass, and frankly, if you’re not loving golf right now, I don’t really know what to tell you.

I’m extremely excited to see what the rest of the season brings, especially the weeks heading up to the US Open.  I can’t wait to see Phil at Memorial as well as in Texas at Colonial.  Just get this week over with…I hate these rank and file tourneys in the middle of prime golf season.  We got good stuff to get to.