Even colored photos weren't permitted on courses back then

Byron Nelson is the man.  That is all.

I’m going first because I want to:

I’m taking Dustin Johnson because he’s stupid long and I like watching him play.  See, I could waste everyone’s time here and try to think of some rationale that would make sense for this pick, but I’m not going to.  Phil Mickelson has won at Colonial.  Zach Johnson won a Masters when it was playing longer than a double sided Yes album.  My point is, when there are 144 dudes you can pick from, it’s hard to get it right.  And I really don’t care either…I like Dustin Johnson, and if that’s a crime, well, that’s on you, lawya.

From the Tips:

I’m taking Ryan Palmer this week. This is completely against my better judgement but hey, I make poor life decisions every day. Palmer’s finishing, course record round of 64 last Sunday was impressive. He often struggles during the week but turns it on, when he makes the cut, on the weekends. Whatever works bro… just make sure you drink, eat and fuck exactly like you did during the Tour’s opening event this year in Hawaii. I’ll buy the hookers if need be.


I’m going with Hunter. I’m a sucker for players who live near the courses because I’d like to think they just play there everyday they’re home. Plus, I like Under Armour and I’m wearing an UA hat today. Seems like a better reason anyway. I don’t care that he hasn’t finished better than 42 at this event. Protect your House, dude.


I’m taking Sean O’Hair, since this tournament is in Texas, and when that’s the case, you have to take a Texan (does not apply to my pick from last week).  Really, though, O’Hair is the least ghey pick available, when you consider Ben Crane and Rickie Fowler are getting tone of love from just about everybody.

And finally, the CEO who’s too busy to write a two sentence paragraph with a random pick, AC:

Jeev Mikha Singh.

We’re instituting two new rules, one of which you might have noticed in the last pick.  If the authors’ picks aren’t in by noon on Thursdays, they’re getting Jeev, regardless if he’s in the tournament or not.

The other?  It’s less of a rule and more of a game.  We’re going to see who’s the smartest prognosticator of the bunch (which is obviously me, but we’ll let the other writers chime in just for kicks) using this awesome method…since golf is a game where the lowest score wins, we’re going to assign a point to the pick’s finish, and whoever has the lowest score wins something we’ll think of later.  Missed cut gets 100 points, winner gets -10.

I can’t wait to think of a prize to award myself, so in the meantime, I figured I’d just give you the current standings.

  1. Lefty: -10
  2. Tips: 22
  3. spencer: 45
  4. Schneider: 64
  5. AC: 100