Hot Shit

So… I was going to do a reoccurring post on Jerry Rice’s attempt to become a professional golfer. He’s had some ups and downs, but the ride is over before it really ever got started. Rice started the year off with an appearance at the Fresh Express Classic at TPC Stonebrae where he shot a whopping +17. He started the tourney off with an 83. He then followed that up with a decent 76 and was CUT.  You would think that things could only get better from here.

Wrong. Rice’s next tournament appearance came at the BMW Charity Pro-Am presented by SYNNEX Corporation. He posted a tournament record +20/92 on the first day. He then shot a slightly better 82 on day two.  Again, you would think things could only go up from here too.

Wrong again. Rice was the victim of a fat DQ when tournament officials learned that Rice’s caddy was using a scope to determine yardages, which is not permitted. Rice chalked it up to a “rookie mistake”. I sure hope he didn’t make any “rookie mistakes” with distance scopes on day one…

Hey Jer, here’s a bit of advice for you: we’re not playing country club rules so read the rule book. Don’t accept a spot in the tournament if you aren’t 100% familiar with the rules. Even rookies do that. I don’t understand how Rice and his caddy are both this clueless on this matter. Would you step out on the field on game day with Stickhum on your gloves?  On second thought, don’t answer that Mr. Rice.

I understand that this isn’t how you make your cheddar, but don’t waste everyone’s time like this. A lot guys out on the Nationwide Tour had to scratch and claw their way to get there and you go out and make a mockery of it all with a distance laser. You probably stole a spot in those two tournaments from someone who is working their ass off just to be able to try to earn some money.

Why do you think there are practice rounds? What do you do during said practice rounds? Do you just go out there and chase after it as practice? I mean hey if that’s what you’re looking to do then that’s great. Enter country club tournaments and have a blast. This whole situation reminds me of Happy Gilmore showing up to the Portland Open without a caddy and hiring the dude who was trying to wash windshields for singles.

I don’t understand why he even agreed to play in any events. Like I said, stick to the country club events and Michael Douglas’ celebrity event. Go try to beat Kenny G and Alice Cooper.

Rice has subsequently decided to no longer participate on the Nationwide Tour. There is a LeBron. What’s worse, Jerry Rice’s stint with the Seahawks/Broncos,  his appearance on Dancing With the Stars, or this?

I'm hittin it.