*/no homo

I’m not what you would call a “good” golfer.  I don’t struggle with the rights, I embrace them fully.  I don’t have lefts.  A hook is something I call the song I get stuck in my head that occasionally turns my slices into “power fades,” not a shot that goes too far right to left.  I don’t really have much distance, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit here and NOT talk about the new nano-web, NASA engineered technology that’s GUARANTEED to give me more distance AND more accuracy.

Shafts are a tricky subject.  To some, they seem like novelties…a relatively unimportant piece that’s best left alone away from tinkering.  Tiger Woods has used True Temper x100 shafts his entire career and isn’t about to change now.  Could he get more performance from Project X’s or KBS Tour shafts?  Probably.  Does he care?  Fuck no…he’s been using the same shafts for his entire life, why would he change now?

On the other hand, you have Charles Howell III, the man who’s used enough driver shafts in his career to build…um, I’m not sure what you’d build out of driver shafts so…yea.

There’s no right or wrong answer here either.  Sure, shafts could increase performance and should be fit to your swing, but if you’ve adjusted to a certain brand, who’s to say you’re wrong?  Some people like to tinker, to get everything out of their gear and some people just view clubs as utilitarian tools.  I happen to be somewhere in the middle.

Trying out and switching shafts is a time consuming and expensive venture that usually turns off most amateur players without a trust fund.  If you buy a single shaft or a set, you’re going to incur some cost if it doesn’t work out…be it in club repairs or greens fees ruined, so it’s understandable as to why the aftermarket golf shaft is seen as a luxury item by the golfing public at large.

But that didn’t stop me from buying Project X iron shafts and replacement shafts for my driver.  I don’t even really like the Project X’s too much anymore, and yet, here I am, lugging the set around even though they might be a tad stiff for my swing speed.  No…see, I’m the type of asshole who likes to have things that good people use.  People who are good-er than myself and who can actually use them.

It doesn’t matter if it’s guitars (gimme thick strings and amps that expose every little imperfection in your technique!), golf clubs (gotta be tour approved) or video games (fuck it…lets play it on the hardest difficulty), I like to strip away anything that helps just to gauge my own talent level.  It’s just fun to struggle and it’s just fun to try out a bunch of stuff until you settle on that ONE thing that fits you just perfectly.

Can I tell the difference between shafts?  Actually, yea.  There’s a pretty noticeable difference in feel in comparison, but that’s not the important thing…has MY GAME felt the difference?  To that question, all I can say is…maybe?

I’ve had my swing numbers looked at by launching monitors and analyzed in a video, and yet, I still have no idea what the right shaft is for me.  All I know is this, I wish I hadn’t even started fucking around with them because from now on, I won’t be able to rest until I’ve found the perfect set.  You can settle on something you don’t care about, but if you’re never happy, you’ll never stop looking around.

Unfortunately, until I start shooting 62’s every round, the chase will continue.

And I’ll still have no idea what the fuck I’m looking for.