I’m sure you’ve already heard how Corey Pavin, the US Ryder Cup captain, said in a recent interview that Tiger Woods is not a lock to make this years team… 

First the link. (here)

After this past weekend’s HP Byron Nelson Championship, Pavin said:

I’m not going to treat Tiger any different than any other player. He’s certainly not going to be an automatic pick. He’s just going to be treated like everyone else. I’d love to have him on the team but I want him to be playing well.

Yea that makes sense. Here’s a message to Captain Corey about Mr. Woods: We should put him on our team. I mean, you’re supposed to, you know, win win the golf tournament. Right? Well what’s the best way to win a golf tournament? Put the best golfer in the world on your team. You would be an absolute fool to not include Woods. Among numerous other reasons, Tiger brings a psychological advantage over every member of team Euro. Let’s see what Ian Poulter had to say about Tiger Woods in a recent  Golf Digest interview. Oh Poulter was the leading point scorer for either team in the 2008 Ryder cup at Valhalla.

The only Tiger I know is No. 1 in the world, the most ruthless person I’ve ever seen, the most focused person I’ve ever seen… Defies all logic.

Let’s fast forward to today. Jack Nicklaus decided to give his input. He said that Captain Corey would need a “brain scan” if he leaves Tiger off of this year’s squad. Jack maintained that Tiger’s personal live is none of his business, but acknowledged there are problems off the course that need corrected before he can go back to the form we’re used to seeing. Jack also said there are some mechanical/swing issues that need ironed out, but that’s the easy part for a golfer.

Is it too late to change captains? Can I demote Captain Corey to Corporal Corey? He can directly report to Captain Jack and grab a front row seat for the ride.  If our captain doesn’t want the best golfer in the world on his side in a golf tournament, I’m not sure we have the right captain. Today is May 26, 2010. The Ryder Cup will begin October 1, 2010. That’s 127 days, 10 hours, 16 minutes from now. Tiger is currently 11th on the Ryder Cup standings. Lotta golf to be played. Let’s see how the year starts to unfold before making any more comments and take the best players available for what they can do on the golf course, not for what they are involved in off the course.