Justin Rose won and was good.  Hooray.

He was supposed to be amazing, and congrats on a big first PGA win, but we’ve heard your story and, I don’t mean to be a dick but HOWABOUT THAT RICKIE FOWLER!?!?!?!?

Hooboy, did you see that midget this week?  I don’t care that he didn’t win, I really don’t…because for a kid this young and this fresh on the scene to be competing seemingly every week is fan-fucking-tastic.  2nd in the Honda Classic and Frys.com Open in 2009, top 10’s in Phoenix, at Harbour Town, Quail Hollow and now Muirfield.  I know jpq hates praising guys that haven’t won, but this kid is barely old enough to drink (which he doesn’t) and has as impressive an amateur resume as you’ll find.  Plus he rode dirt bikes.  DIRT BIKES!!!

/claps excitedly

I know it’s early and a lot of guys have started off similarly only to fade as the harsh realities of life on the PGA Tour set in, but this is impressive stuff.  The kid has few weaknesses in his game and has gumption, something that can get him into trouble at times, but it’s what’s enabled him to poke his nose into Tour business on a scarily regular basis.  And while he’s faltered down the stretch, and did so again this weekend, I haven’t been this excited about a young players prospects since about three weeks ago when I was staring lovingly at my Rory McIlroy posters*.

*/no homo

So I think it’s kinda fitting that I’m waxing poetic about a young superstar in the making while a young superstar in the making of years past, the Leadbetter grad Rose finally gets into the winner’s circle, and the realization sets in that winning on Tour is not a Tressel-given birthright.  But even despite that, it’s legitimately exciting to see Fowler join the ranks of superstar young’n’s and join the ranks of players to keep an eye on.

So, in summary…screw Justin Rose.