The US Open qualifying events have been completed and a number of notables decided that they didn’t have the time to try to make it to Pebble Beach.

Jason Day, Brett Wetterich, Notah Begay, Boo Weekley, Fredrik Jackobsen, and Jeff Overton all withdrew from the qualifying events at Lakes Golf and Country Club and Brookside Golf and Country Club. Oh, and Nathan Green too.

Nathan Green decided that he didn’t want to show up and try to earn a spot in the US Open because he would rather sit on his ass and watch fag ball aka soccer. I like a many others, enjoy the World Cup. It’s the only acceptable form of soccer there is to me.

“I’m really not that interested in playing it. I’d rather sit home on the couch and watch soccer than beat my head against a brick wall for four days.”

This kinda struck a nerve at Tuna Golf headquarters as we all love golf WAY more than the World Cup, so I would do everything humanly possible to make it into the US Open, regardless of venue. I get that Green is youngerish and rich, and I get that the World Cup is important to you, but this isn’t 1998 any more dude…we have DVR’s where you can pause, fast forward, and rewind live TV and watch it later.

What’s Nathan Green’s job? Oh it’s to play golf, so go play golf bro. Green’s just taking his ability to play golf for a living for granted, something we’d all kill for.  Sure he can make his own schedule and choose when he plays, but it seems like he just doesn’t care and nothing pisses of fans who’d jump at the opportunity to play golf for a check like flippant apathy.

If he really did give a shit about golf, he would have made different plans before the season opened.

Don’t be a jerk about it Nathan, don’t act like you’re bigger than the game.