Rut roh.

I, for one, cannot condemn Matt Every simply for using marijuana, but I can’t necessarily say that it’s the smartest thing to do, both legally and for your game.  How you gonna play on the TOUR high, son?  Come on, lawya…you were the tits as an amateur, who busted your ass from a non-scholarship golfer at Florida to an All-American, get your head out of your ass.

I’m not gonna sit here and criticize you for your method of getting tipsy, I’m gonna sit here and criticize you for not fulfilling your ample potential because you’re cheefin’ up.  You have an opportunity that many of us would KILL for, and sure, for millions of normal Americans, marijuana is a relatively safe way to ease the everyday tension, but in some circumstances, you gotta ditch that shit and focus.

Yes, I think any sane, rational human being without any sort of agenda realizes that marijuana probably should be legalized, taxed and regulated, much like alcohol, and every single user realizes there’s an inherent risk with smoking pot, but it IS an illegal drug and if you get caught you WILL be punished.  Why take that risk Matt?  Over something as menial as weed?

As for the public reaction…I hope it blows over quickly because, lets face it, there are a MILLION worse things he could be doing with money and access than smoking weed.  He’s not cheating on his wife with every frothy vahg or even get a DUI, so don’t make this guy out to be a villain.  Smoking pot does not a bad person make, ok?  He’s young, he’s dumb, hopefully he learned his lesson and moved on.

This sucks, and I wish Every the best because he does have a shitload of talent, but he’s a dumbass, plain and simple.  Just don’t crucify him over it, if anything, crucify Tim Finchem for implementing a fucking drug policy that doesn’t test for weed.  God, is he a dumbass.

PS…awesome mugshot.