Here’s one thing I’ve never understood.  Why, in advance of the British Open, which is always held on a seaside links, is the warmup event the Scottish Open at the very American-y Loch Lomond?  Does this make a lick of sense?  HELL NO.  So then why, before one of the biggest, most historic tournaments on the schedule, is Loch Lomond still the spot?

And this isn’t making fun of Loch Lomond the course, because from what I hear, it’s pretty sweet.  And yea, a ton of Euro pros have homes there and shit, but that doesn’t mean that the last point of entry before the Open should be a test of golf completely different than what the golfers are going to face the following week, ya hurd?  Do you prepare for the SAT’s by taking a physical fitness test?  Hell naw.

Correct me if I’m wrong but there are more than one seaside links in Scotland, amirite?  Now, this might sound like a crazy fucking idea, but you know, it might just be crazy enough to work…WHY NOT HOLD A TOURNAMENT AT ONE OF THE OTHER THIRTY FUCKING THOUSAND SEASIDE LINKS IN FUCKING SCOTLAND THE WEEK BEFORE THE OPEN?!?!?!?!  Jesus tapdancing Christ, am I taking crazy pills here?

Oh, no, whatever European is making a Tim Finchem-esque decision…keep on having an event the week before a major on a links at an American style course.  That’s a GREAT idea.  And you know what?  What better way to get pros acclimated to the super slow Open greens by having the greens at Loch Lomond roll at a 12!  BRILLIANT!  I mean, sure, the pros will have to deal with strange conditions, natural fescue, hardpan fairways and pot bunkers so…LETS DO THE OPPOSITE THE WEEK BEFORE!!!

Now, I’m not saying ditch the Scottish Open at Loch Lomond…but could we switch the venue with the Dunhill Links Championship?  Just rotate those courses with wherever the Open’s at, and voila…slick ass tournament that every pro will attend and golf fans will get to see the Carnoustie’s and Turnberry’s more than once a decade.  The pros can get acclimated to links golf, spectators get to see the most historic courses in the world and the tournament and it’s sponsors will make an absolute boatload of money for the next two weeks.  We don’t get to see links golf often here in the States…we want more damnit!

There you go…awesome idea, free of charge.