This year at the British Open, you cannot taunt Tiger Woods.

No really, you’ll be escorted out.


“The Royal & Ancient has stepped up its security program for St. Andrews, and officials say they will throw out any gallery members who attempt to aggressively heckle Tiger Woods or any other players during the Open in July.”

Honestly, I don’t really see the point. This is some common sense stuff here people…you’re not going to slam some beers, paint your chest, and get raucous at the British Open. It’s the Old Course at St. Andrews for God’s sake. This is golf’s holy ground.

If you get a little too rowdy, you’ll first be asked to stop, and then you’ll be asked to leave. This applies to all players, not just Tiger, but…especially Tiger. But does this really need to be publicized? I thought you were supposed to be quiet and respectful at all golf events not at TPC Scottsdale.

In regard to Tiger… what’s left to be said?

All the broads have come out of the wood work and all the good jokes have been made. The whole thing is old hat now. We’ve heard it all and it’s time to move on. Anyone who has a computer knows what he has been through and what he is going through off the course so put your thoughts and prejudices aside and just enjoy the golf people.  That’s all this is really about. Don’t root for Tiger to lose. Root for good golf and a compelling tournament.

Tiger is going for a record third consecutive Open Championship at St. Andrews where he won in 2000 and 2005. Just enjoy the possible history in the making.

And while I’m at it, please stop that ridiculous “Get in the hole!” after every god damn shot. It’s been said before once or twice. We’ve already had that laugh.

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