Well, this is probably going to get posted by the time the coverage ends today, but whatever…we don’t operate on any stupid “European Time.”  There’s only one real time zone…AMERICAN TIME, ya hurd?

Anyways, there hasn’t been a lot of movement in the leaderboard here at the Tuna for awhile, probably due to my indelible brilliance and the rest of these fuck’s inability to pick anyone worth a shit.  We’ll see if adjusting the scoring helps (wins = -25 points now), but seeing as I’m the only one of these slackjawed yokels who doesn’t have their head firmly implanted in their tuckus, well…

  1. NASA’s think tank – 135
  2. lefty – 290
  3. AC – 389
  4. Schneider – 418
  5. toneypenna – 486

Lets get to the picks, shall we?


Golf’s oldest major championship is being played at St. Andrews, the world’s most famous and venerable golf course. In 2000 and again in 2005, Tiger Woods steamrolled the competition, winning in eight and five stroke cakewalks. At the 2005, the final “passing of the torch” occurred, when Jack Nicklaus played in his last of

In 2010, Tiger has had his well documented issues, and the European Tour has seen a resurgence in quality players, most recently with Graeme McDowell’s win at Pebble Beach.

Euros always compete and fair well at The Open, which, for them, is their most important event. I expect that to continue, as I predict Irishman Padraig Harrington will add another Claret Jug to his trophy room.

Paddy has already won recent majors, and, with his swing overhaul nearing completion, his steely resolve will help him overcome the competition for a victory on Sunday. They are expecting “typical” Open weather: cold, windy, and heavy rains. This will even out the field somewhat, and might also allow for a more concentrated level of Europeans, as they are more acclimated to playing in this type of weather.

So, Paddy’s my choice, but I wouldn’t be totally surprised if it might also help a guy by the name of Tom Watson.


I thought long and hard about my decision. I wanted to take Cink to repeat but thought the chances of someone repeating are nearly impossible. I’m going against everything holy and picking Lee Westwood. I’m not a fan of his or his country but I am a fan of winning. Tiger’s not going to do it…might as well be one of the Euros.


I struggled a lot with this pick. I thought a good ball striker would help in the weather. I thought someone with a ton of distance would negate the slow greens. I thought someone with a swinging dick and two prior victories at St. Andrews would trump the field. I was leaning towards Lee Westwood at the beginning of the week due to his hot start, but then I remembered how much I hate that faggot. But in the end I decided to go young and take Rory McIlroy. He’s got 16-1 odds to win this thing.Rory has the game to take home the Claret Jug and why not make it 3 of 4 years with an Irish Champion? If only the tournament weren’t being solely broadcast on ESPN…

From the Tips:

God FUCKING Damnit! That’s roughly 1/20th of my true rage towards this whole pick ’em competition. It’s un-fucking-real. I have seriously become the Gregg Norman on Sunday at Augusta of this fucking thing and it’s more than I can handle. Every fucking week I pick someone who’s craving their dick in my ass (no homo), and they’re promptly rewarded. So you know what? Fuck this shit. Every single person in-the-know I’ve seen so far has taken Tiger Woods to win this thing. Being as I want to see him play well here, I’m going to avoid jinxing any chance he has of doing so by not picking him. Instead, I’m going to take Sergio Garcia this week. Why? Because he fucking sucks anyway and I can’t do any further damage to his career by picking him than he already has to himself with his putter. Godspeed, Sergio. Godspeed.

I’m feelin’ that pick.


The big man in the suite didn’t get there by pussyfooting around.  Hell naw, I take RISKS, son.  I’m not about to sit here and prattle on about past finishes or hot streaks, because sometimes you just gotta let that gut hang low and go with your instincts.  My instincts tell me that St. Andrews will be won by a bomber.  My instincts tell me Dustin Johnson is going to win.  But I swear to God, if he misses the cut, I’m gonna cut him.



Now this is the part where I get mad.


Crucifixion wouldn’t be harsh enough a penalty.