Yours truly took the day off of work to relax and watch the second round of The Open. Because I was conned into playing power hour and some sort of drinking Yahtzee game late last night, I slept thru my intended start time this morning. Unfortunately for me, all of the “best” golf was played then and, after a hearty American breakfast (2 eggs over easy, bacon, homefries, and a short stack), I’ve been left with nothing more than slow golf, wind delays and terrible ESPN coverage. Hey, at least it’s better than sitting in the office!

The early group was rewarded with favorable weather -a little rain and little to no wind – by British Open standards . Most took advantage and posted low numbers that will certainly put them in a great position going into the weekend. As I write this, Louis Oosthuizen is your clubhouse leader at -12, which is five strokes ahead of the next group of players. The goofy looking South African went 65, 67 in his first two rounds, respectively, and I’m sure is enjoying himself watching the circus that’s taken place this afternoon. A few other players who also took advantage of the good weather this morning include Mark Calcavecchia, Paul Casey, Tom Lehman, Greame McDowell, and Miguel Angel Jimenez. Casey, specifically, had a stellar round going but tripled the 17th and settled with a 3-under, 69.

The later group has been hounded by 30-40 mph winds all day long and, subsequently, their scores have suffered. However, anyone with knowledge of this tournament and this major knows that the weather can turn on the drop of a hat and no lead is safe going into the weekend. Paul Casey said it best:

What she gives away today, she’ll take back tomorrow. You just have to hang around.

Some other quick thoughts on today:

  • It’s been awesomely comical watching caddies and players chase down hats, yardage books, scorecards, and other equipment that’s been blown away by the wind.
  • There was an extra ten minutes added to the delay because no one could find Sean O’Hair during the restart. Wonder what the fuck he was doing?
  • Speaking of the wind delay… none of the players were permitted to leave the course and practice. At first I thought this was ridiculous, but random things the players were doing for the hour they were waiting around the greens/fairways/tee boxes was pretty neat to watch. Since you’re going to ask, Tiger shared almonds with playing partner Camilo Villegas. There were even a few players who laid down and appeared to take naps. You can’t make that stuff up.
  • John Daly reportedly kicked over a potted plant on his way off the course. His round wasn’t that terrible, but his frustration is shared amongst the majority of players stuck playing in this wind.
  • The shot tracker off the 17th tee box is sweet. It’s fun to watch the ball track over the hotel.
  • ESPN’s coverage sucks. Van Pelt and Tirico aren’t bad, but in typical ESPN fashion, they just try to do too much.
  • McIlroy is getting destroyed in these conditions today. It’ll be interesting to see how he responds tomorrow.

I fully expect the weather to continue having a large role in the standings thru the weekend; this thing is FAR from over.