Go fuck yourselves you pieces of shit. There’s no time for pleasantries today, especially not towards such a collection of ignorant and greedy assholes who are buying the classic Pete Dye designed course Fowler’s Mill, one of  the country’s finest public courses, and plan to turn it into a fucking town hall, despite MASSIVE amounts of land that aren’t being used in the surrounding area.

Losing one of the finest golf courses in the area is bad enough, but when you dig a little deeper, you realize how fucking corrupt and how big of a waste of government time and money this whole adventure is.  First, the area was purchased for $5 million using a grant from the Ohio EPA.  Can I ask why?  The article says that Munson was planning on building a new town hall adjacent to the one they already have, but the land isn’t suitable for construction.  Ok…so why does that require $5 million of government money to purchase a new site?  Especially one that produces a lot of income for the township and is one of the few reasons to actually go to fucking Munson?

Already this doesn’t make sense.  Munson is spending government money in order to get rid of an income source that provides an estimated $75,000 per year in property taxes, $45k of which goes directly to Chardon School District, as well as an additional $200-300k in sales taxes ANNUALLY.  So how the fuck are you going to explain to Munson residents that you used $5 million in government money to buy something that’s universally loved and the residents will have to make up those hundreds of thousands of dollars lost?  How the fuck can you justify that in any way?

The argument that’s being made by Munson trustees is that the EPA wants to preserve the area to improve the quality of drinking water for Cuyahoga County.

Hold up.  Hold the fuck up right now.

Munson Township is in Geauga County.  Now, I know not all of you are familiar with NE Ohio, but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize that Cuyahoga County isn’t Geauga County.  What’s more, Cuyahoga County has this wonderful resource called LAKE FUCKING ERIE, who’s drinking water was called “unimpaired” by the Lake Erie Lakeside Management Plan.  So, you’re closing a historic golf course, one designed by arguably the greatest golf course designer ever, so some other county’s already fine drinking water can be slightly better?  And, while doing that, you’re taking a HUGE revenue stream away from the township and putting that cost on the residents?


I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here.  Especially since I’ve actually been to Munson township and there’s approximately DICK else out there.

Am I being incredibly rude and condescending towards Munson?  You bet your ass I am, and for good reason.  Ignorance and stupidity like this is doing a disservice to the golfing public of NE Ohio.  You don’t think that’s a big deal, Munson?  You don’t think that a large influx of wealthy individuals to your township is a boon for your township’s economy?  You realize you’re going to have to replace that tax income, right?  Well, best of luck with that.

I’ll be over here, destroying a bunch of oil based classic paintings because the people down the street said the quality of their air might be a little better.  Is this a stretch?  I don’t think so.  Munson is taking a classic course, what could be argued is the best in NE Ohio, and destroying it because a different county’s drinking water might be a little better all while taking money out of their own pocket.


To say I’m disgusted with the arrogance, ignorance and complete lack of COMMON FUCKING SENSE in this whole ordeal by both the EPA and the leaders of Munson Township would be quite the understatement.  This isn’t ignorant real estate prospectors outbuying any attempt to save land, this is a foolish group of overwhelmed city leaders who obviously don’t realize the economical and emotional impact of their decision.

Then again, this is a rural bumfuck township in Ohio.  Are any of us surprised that such ignorance can waft from a shit pit?  I, for one, am not.

If you’re interested in helping the cause, please leave a comment and I’ll contact you with updates.  This isn’t right.  We need to fight this.