Notice the dueling wristbands and no glove... dead giveaway.

Believe it or not, Tuna Golf doesn’t only slobber over the ridiculously talented professional players, we also enjoy* highlighting the occasional accomplishments of other amateurs. And when a record’s broken, well, we notice.

*or insanely jealous 

This week the 2010 Special Olympics USA National Games hosted multiple events at both Highlands and Mahoney Golf Courses in Lincoln, NE.  While I can’t say that I’ve played either one of these fine establishments (or even been to Nebraska for that matter), I’m sure they’re legit golf courses. The Highlands, which received better reviews than The Mahoney Course, is located near the Husker’s campus, where I’m sure these Special Olympics juniors will one day be academic standouts.

Ok… enough jabs at the newest member of the Big Ten/Eleven/Twelve, let’s get to the man of the hour, amateur golfer Scott Rohrer. Scott broke the previous 18-hole event low round of 73 with an impressive 71.  That’s a one under round posted by someone with “an intellectual disability.” Now I’m not positive what qualifies as an “intellectual disability,” but I know for a fact that any amateur player, retarded mentally challenged or not, would kill for a round of one under. Hell, Ryan fucking Palmer would kill for a one under round. So here’s a Tuna Golf hat tip to you, Scott. Well done, my man. I’d sacrifice 50% of my IQ right now to shoot a 71 and wouldn’t think twice about it. In fact, I wouldn’t think at all.

One other brief highlight from the event:

 Another Special Olympics competitor, Tyler Lagasse, age 23, of Tyngsboro, Mass., achieved an eagle on the 360-yard, par-4 18th hole to finish the day in second place of the Level V 18-hole individual stroke play event with a first-day total of 79. “It was an uphill shot against the wind and I just didn’t think I could get it on the green,” said Lagasse. “It ended up two feet from the hole and I drained the putt.”

A 360-yard tee shot into the wind? It’s not like Nebraska has a cliff he could be hitting off… This is just further evidence that retard special strength isn’t just a myth.