Does he know that you're more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a shark?

Tuna Golf is handling the overwhelming mediocrity of last week’s golf by providing a very mediocre photo-style review of it all. That’s right, if they can mail it in, so can we.  After all, we’re followers first, leaders second.  


You’re 2010 Canadian Open Champ, Carl Pettersson. Gross. Seriously, nothing impressed me about this Swede’s game.  It’s a tour win (a prestigious one at that), yet I can’t help to feel blah about the whole thing.  


I have to say, that’s a pretty sweet looking trophy though – especially considering it’s Canadian and all. 


You’re leader after three rounds and 2nd place finisher, Dean Wilson.  Apparently he’s blaming his inability to hold a lead on the full lunar eclipse.  I say, just be glad you weren’t in Mayan country during the phenomenon. 


Thanks for the 4th place finish, old boy. But because I’m picky, I’d have to say I was extremely disappointed in your back-9 on Sunday. Remember, you DO have a win on tour now; you’re better than that. 


Our Ryder Cup captain succumbing to the Euro gayness after the Senior Open. I’ve always liked Langer, but he’s not to be trusted.  He’s got poor Corey in his tractor beams; It’s like a Euro roofie. 


The US’s Morgan Pressel plays in aviators? That’s fucking awesome.  I’m willing to bet that had she been alive when Top Gun was released, she would have ball’d during Goose’s death. Though it makes me think – how hard can you possibly swing if you can wear aviators while playing? 


Unfortunately, she lost to this dude. Who immediately after this picture pissed in the trophy, standing up. There is a 100% chance this photo will be used as some form of propaganda for Korean relations.  


Your WTF picture from the weekend.